As much as we’ve been critical of MoCoLife‘s choice of offering paid subscription services when there are free services around, credit should be given where it is due. MoCoLife has launched MoCo Keywords, which allows the general user to buy keywords on the short code 58888, albeit suffixed to the parent keyword MOCO.

Using the keywords, small businesses can run contests, share information with customers, and promote their company. For example, we could use set up a poll for MediaNama on the keyword: MOCO MN, asking you to vote by SMS’ing MOCO MN YES or MOCO MN NO. At the end of the day, we’ll be able to check MoCoLife for the votes, and announce the final results. Take a look at the tutorial, here.

However, all of this, as is the case with (MoCo) Life, comes at a price:

Indiatimes must be hoping that all the generic keywords like “PRINTERS”, “BILLS”, “TV” will be picked up, thereby guaranteeing them some revenue on an annual basis. MoCoLife subscribers were sent an SMS today, with the message –

“Share Ur space, Ur style, Ur thought, Ur life thru Mobile. Let the world know u by SMSing MoCo “Ur Name” to 58888. Get ur own MoCo Keyword on’

Makes me wonder how they’re positioning MoCoLife – as a consumer site or an enterprise sevices site. By the looks of it – both.

It still does appear to be a very interesting experiment with the 58888 short code, by making public a fixed price for short code keywords, and opening it up to everyone, not just enterprises. I wouldn’t be surpised if others companies follow suit.

P.s.: Do take a look at our list of Short Code Services page. Let us know about updates, if any.