…or so it seems. Ironically, at a time when I was stuck in a traffic jam near Raj Ghat in Delhi because of a massive rally which had blocked on Ring Road, I received the following SMS:

“Let us follow the path of truth and non violence shown by Mahatma Gandhi – Ministry of Information & Broadcasting”

If it’s unsolicited and not relevant to the user, then it is spam. I have registered a complaint (Complaint number – 18625407) with Airtel against the IB Min, as well as two other SMS spammers. I doubt that they take action against any of them. All I get is a lame SMS from Airtel that reads “Your DND Request is related to another service provider. We have  forwarded your complaint to them for necessary action.

Isn’t it sad that the government didn’t send out an SMS at the time of the Delhi Bomb Blasts, informing people about helpline numbers, or asking them to stay calm, stay indoors and avoid marketplaces that may be crowded? That could have been relevant, even if unsolicited.

P.s: I hope banks have learnt from the current financial crisis, will stop offering everyone with a mobile phone 50,000 loans a year (mild exaggeration).