Consim Info (Bharatmatrimony Group) has been given the rights to the domain, on account of the domain name being deceptively similar to Consim Info’s registered trademark – Tamilmatrimony. Consim had filed a complaint against Mobius Development Group, over the ownership of the domain.

Ravi Venkatraman, via a comment on this post, points us to the decision of the arbitrator, downloadable here.

Interestingly, one part of the complaint was that the domain was being used in “bad faith”:

One more important thing that in the opinion of arbitrator ” respondent’s other website should also be stopped because its an abuse for Indian women and I uggest that any NGO should think to file a case of defamation against the respondent for making such vulgar, voluptuous and dirty website on behalf of Indian women.

This is strange, because when we checked when we’d written about it earlier, the domain linked to an innocuous blog, and not to, what is according to the arbitrator, a “vulgar, voluptuous and dirty website”. It could be that the site never redirected to the domain, or perhaps Mobius linked to the blog before StartupDunia wrote about it.

Nevertheless – what matters is not that Consim now has the domain, but what they do with the site. We know about the recent issues around ClickJobs…how’s Bharatmatrimony doing?