Well, Bharti Airtel certainly needs to get its act together. For the second month in a row, I’ve been billed for content that I did not download. Yesterday, while at Barcamp Delhi, I got the following message:

“Thanks for downloading Animation from Airtel Live WAP Service. You’ve been charged Rs. 15. Game:”

Again, I don’t browse Airtel Live (the portal), nor have I downloaded any game or animation. The same thing happened to me last month, and to be honest, I forgot to get it removed from my bill.

Anyway, if it happens once, I can take it as a mistake. Twice…I don’t think so. This time around, I’m going to contact the nodal officer, the procedure for filing complaints had been outlined by Deva5 in the comments to the post on the earlier incident.

In case of any wrongly billed scenarios, process you should follow:

1) Call the call center ask him to raise your complaint. In case of postpaid he will not know the exact detail of your charge until post the bill run(Billing date). Prepaid they shall know in 24 hrs. Please ask for your complaint number + SR (Service Request) number for the bill adjustments. Note them down.
2) With this number email your nodal officer .Ask him to check such things are not repeated. and ensure that bill adjustments happen on this particular complaint. For Delhi circle Airtel Nodal officer details as below
Ph: 9818334865
Fax: 9810409104
e-mail – nodalofficer.del@airtel.in
It is mandated by TRAI that nodal officer respond to all customer complaints and his details published to public , approach Apellate authority in case of no response.
In case you’re not happy you may approach the TRAI consumer officer for circle.

3) This adjustment may be made to your next bill

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