Quite a different approach from that of that of the Indian Express, which pushed their cities segment into the second scroll, Mid-Day‘s new design features a listing of city specific content on the front page. Audience Matters reports that Mid-Day Multimedia is primarily targeting the YUMPI – rather, the Young Urban Mobile Professionals across India. (I wonder if someone’s figured out the full form of YETI…never mind).

The most significant change is the launch of online Classifieds. This is Mid-Day’s forte offline, and at the time of the previous revamp, I had questioned the lack of a classifieds section. They now have a separate classifieds section powered by a site still in stealth mode – SnatchKing.com. A section called “Fun Factory”, which asked users to send upload funny images of their office (Mid-Day’s core audience) has apparently been junked.

Mid-Day has also tied up with video sharing site Dailymotion – that is, they’ve now got an official channel on DailyMotion (much like other media companies have a channel on YouTube). Instead of using DailyMotions wacky content, they’re hosting their own content on the Daily Motion page,  some of it being celebrity content.

The other interested feature launch is that of a blog section. Instead of their journalists blogging on the site, Mid-Day is allowing their readers to blog on the site, and offering them sub-domains like – nikhil.mid-day.com. Remember that NDTV did the same over two years ago with NDTV Blogs, and unmoderated, that site overrun with spam blogs. Mid-Day might regret this. I’m not very sure of the sub-domain idea (see the sign-up form), cause someone might just use a sub-domain that Mid-Day might want to use later. Rather short sighted, this.