At at time when their focus really should be in addressing the decline in wireline connections and meeting their broadband rollout targets, BSNL goes out and does something as vague as offering free dialup Internet service. Details here.

I haven’t used dialup for 4 years now, but I really do dread going back to a regime where connection speed was 32-64 kbps at best, would get disconnect often, especially if there was an incoming call. To top it all, there were huge telephone bills. Yes, we soldiered on despite these barriers and more, but that was because we were – and still are – connectivity addicts – and could afford it. I just hope that for those who try this service, the quality of service is better, so they don’t get put off by the great big Internet hype. And that free is free, and without irrational call charges.

Note to Anil Jain, DGM for BSNL’s broadband division: Free broadband for a month would certainly have been a better way of achieving “the primary objective of increasing the Internet penetration in India to bridge the rural-urban digital divide in the information, communication and technology (ICT) sector.” [via TMC Net]