It just doesn’t add up. On 8th January this year, BigAdda released usage numbers for their site, claiming 1.24 million users, and adding 12000-15000 users per day. It’s been 233 days since then, and at an average rate of 12000 users added daily, they should have had 4,036,000 by now. But BIG Addas new COO Shivanandan Pare claims (via PTI) they now have 2.5 million users, which actually amounts to an addition of 5407 users per day since Jan 8th. So there have probably been many days of “below average” user-addition over the past few months.

Nevertheless, Pare is bullish: he claims they’re adding 15000 users per day, which is around the rate they’ll need to maintain to reach their target of 10 million users by 2010. But if they maintain the below average rate of 5500 users/day, they’ll only have 5.25 million users. Do bear in mind that a user base of 5 million users not a small number if you only consider Internet users, but I do feel that if they push the mobile version of BIGAdda (MobileAdda) hard enough, and more importantly, are able to get on to the operator decks, they might well be able to achieve that target of 10 million users. Bear in mind that Googles Orkut, is believed to a user base of over 10 million in India.

Aside of the userbase numbers, it’s been a year since Rajesh Sawhney, President of Reliance Entertainment told me that BigAdda expects to break even in around three years; BIGAdda began monetizing in June, according to Pare, and he mentions a revenue target of $4-5 million (Rs. 17.5-22 crores) over the next 12 months, and a break-even in 2-3 years.

Oh, and I just checked: MobileAdda is now accessible via Airtel…it wasn’t when we’d first reported on the launch of BigAdda’s mobile version.

BIGAdda Goes Mobile; WAP Site Blocked By Airtel?