7Seas Technologies, Hyderabad based gaming company listed on the Hyderabad and Ahmedabad Stock Exchanges, has launched a mobile content site – Mobizill. Among the content available on their site, is a 3D mobile game based on the actress Neetu Chandra, who they had tied up with in March. What’s interesting is that like in case of Nokia’s Mosh, they’re allowing users to upload and share content like screensavers, wallpapers, ringtones and games. So what if users upload copyrighted content? According to their terms and conditions:

The interesting part is that users who upload content, also grant Mobizill a royalty free rights to use, adapt and distribute and derive revenue from that content (in legalese here). Mobizill states that they’re not responsible for monitoring the site, and, like many sites with rely on user submitted content, say that they will remove infringing submissions when notified. I doubt whether that will be valid in India, where there is no Safe Harbor (yet), and platforms can be held accountable. Do read our note on Google’s request for a Safe Harbor for platforms in India.

Earlier this year, 7Seas had acquired Neodelight, the gaming division of German co Neokolor. 7Seas also owns a casual games site – OnlineRealGames