Update (Aug 28): So Sify.com has been redesigned…and the design is line with the current trend of using Yahoo’s design as a benchmark. Take a look at Yahoo, then AOL and Sify. Is certainly an improvement over the older version.

Original post (Aug 27): Another bullet point in the history of the decline of Sify’s consumer business: the company has handed over the management of its mail service Sifymail to Google. Google is providing chat and other services which are a part of the Google Apps portfolio to Sify.

I just signed up for a Sify account, and Googles service isn’t active yet. Trying out Sifymail, I couldn’t help but agree with Chairman & CEO Raju Vegesna – “Our agreement with Google makes superior applications available for communications and collaboration…”

Still, I wonder what will happen to the email in 11 languages, which Sify had announced in 2006? Sify’s consumer business saw an 18 percent decline in revenues year on year, last quarter. Our sense is that it has largely been dependent on the access business, which has also been on the decline:

Sify, which restructured a few quarters ago, appears to be focusing more on its enterprise services business. Not surprising, given Vegesna’s background. While it still has some remaining traction, why not sell the consumer business?

Perhaps Sify.com, which is being redesigned, is being dressed up for a sale. (updated above)


While at Sify.com, I also case across a games portal called Antzill, which we haven’t heard of before. It’s currently in beta, and has both casual games and an MMOG which Sify has been running in India for a while – A3