VAS Revenues
As per calculations done by MediaNama, based on data given by Reliance Communications in its quarterly performance report, the Non-SMS component of Wireless Value Added Services (VAS) accounts for 84.2 percent of total VAS revenues for RCom. This contribution is up significantly from 75.43 percent for the same quarter last year.

For the quarter ending June 2008, RCom’s Total Wireless VAS revenues were Rs. 108.81 crores/month, up from Rs. 100.16 crores/month for the quarter ending March 2008. and 68 crores/month for Q1 last fiscal. Growth in Non-SMS VAS (Ringtones, CRBTs, GPRS, Voice Portal Services etc) was 10.7 percent, increasing to Rs. 91.63 crores/month from Rs. 82.74 crores/month for the last quarter.

IMPORTANT: Please note that RCom includes both Mobile and Wireless Local Loop (WLL) subscribers in its Wireless numbers. Hence RCom’s performance indicators are not comparable with those of other operators like Airtel and Idea Cellular.

Download the quarterly performance report here

Overall Results
RCom reported a net Profit of Rs. 1,512 crore, and revenues of Rs. 5,322 crore, at an EBITDA margin of 42.3% (up marginally from 42.2%). Wireless revenues (excluding access charges, license fees) at Rs. 31280 million, down 1.5% from Rs. 31757 million last quarter. Broadband contributed 9% to revenues, as compared to 8% last quarter. Net broadband revenue at Rs. 481.5 crores, up 8.8% from Rs. 442.40 crores last quarter. (Net revenue excludes access charges, license fee etc)

Mobile Subs, MOU and Churn
— Wireless – 50772888, up from 45793676
— GSM Wireless – 8065455, up from 7016205
— CDMA Wireless – 42707433, up from 38777471
— Wireless marketshare – 18%, up from 17.9%
— Prepaid customers – 90.9%
— Wireless Churn – 1.4%
— Minutes of Use – 424, down from 430

— Claims 60% of USB Data Card market
— Operational in 18 service areas, 42 towns
— Acces lines – 1,147,000, up from 1,031,000
— operating in 44 cities, 821,000 buildings
— Added 117,000 lines in the quarter, down from 130000 in the last quarter
— Average Revenue Per Line – Rs. 1715, down from 1760
— RCom claims to have a presence in 23,000 towns and 600,000 villages.
— A branded retail presence in 1300 towns, have over 500,000 retailers

— 1.7 million customers for Reliance Global Call service, accounting for 40% of retail market calls from US to India
Broadband – and almost 1.15 million access lines

— have begun deploying WiMax stations in top 10 cities in India (WiMax 802.16d)

Earnings: Idea Cellular VAS Revenues Increase in Q1 2008-09; VAS ARPU At Rs. 24.74
Airtel Mobile VAS Revenues At Rs. 235.55 Crores Per Month; Non-SMS 57% of VAS At Rs. 133.56 Crores Per Month