NDTVs World Cinema brand NDTV Lumiere has tied up with Jaman.com to offer its content for download (rental) at $2 a film. They’re launching with the release of Mika Kaurismaki’s films. The rentals will be for 7 days, and it doesn’t appear that the content will be available for streaming; Jaman has launched advertising supported streaming of video content.

Gaurav Dhillon, founder and CEO of Jaman had told me in April about their plans to makde standard definition content available for streaming online – and more like a TV experience. Around 53 percent of Jaman’s traffic come from India, and India is more of a streaming market than a download to rent market. So I wonder if NDTV has actually pushed for the download model; they’re targeting India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the Maldives through Jaman.

Jaman’s Bollywood section currently features 92 movies, some from its deal with Eros, which they inked in May. In all they have 120 Indian films, 28 of which are not available for India. Now that it has added an advertising model, I see Jaman facing an issue convincing advertisers who seek large numbers in a specific geography, about advertising to a disparate audience. Dhillon had said they’ll target global advertisers, but I think that will mean they’ll have to get each brand managers from each country involved. Perhaps an ad-network tie-up might be on the cards. From a consumers perspective, here’s a valid comment from the NDTV Lumiere forum – that the flow of a World Cinema film is broken if there are breaks or an advertisements. But guess that’s the price you pay for watching a film ad-supported, instead of renting it.

Other movie streaming sites targeting India include BigFlix and Rajshri Media

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