India added just around 190,000 broadband subscribers in July 2008, a month in which the country continued its mobile subscriber growth with 9.22 million wireless subscribers added. Total teledensity increased to 29.08 percent, despite the continued decline of the wireline subscriber base:

While the conversion rate may appear to be improving, bear in mind that this is also impacted by a marginal decline in the wireline subscriber base, as well as a marginal increase in the broadband penetration. Do read: Why The Decline In Wireline Subscribers Isn’t Good For India.

Things are much more pleasant on the mobile side – the total wireless user base at the end of July was at 296.08 million subscribers, would undoubtedly have crossed 300 million by now. Do bear in mind that the “Wireless” subscriber base includes GSM, CDMA and WLL subscribers, because Reliance Communications does not report WLL subscribers separately.

Also, take a look at the license fee and spectrum charges for mobile operators across circles here (pdf)