Zapak’s Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) – CrazyKart – which they licensed from the Chinese gaming giant Shanda, is live, and available for download at

Download: It’s a 230 odd mb file, downloadable from, and it took over 3 hours for me to download it with my 256kb MTNL connection. To take care of download issues (and indeed costs), Zapak is offering free CDs to users (see this). Remember that Kreeda Games also seeded their MMOG by giving away free CDs.

Integration With While Zapak will use the MMOG to drive signups, they have integrated CrazyKart with to allow users to use their login ID.

More on gameplay, customization and monetization :

Gameplay: One needs connectivity to play CrazyKart – even single player doesn’t work without it. For each game, users are given experience points. I haven’t been able to figure out the bonuses yet (out of 5-6 games, I came second in one). The game is a fairly simple racing game, but the devil is in the details – you can buy/win different items (some samples here), and you gain experience points. There were a few users with significant experience already live while I was playing – and some who already had jazzed up cars, and avatars.

Competition: To encourage competition Zapak is organizing races at noon, 3pm and 6pm every day, a “Team Tournament” on 30th August. To encourage usage on weekends, Zapak is offering double the experience points on weekends. See this.

Customization: I played 6 races in all, on 3 different tracks. None of the tracks appeared Indianized, and the only bit of customization I noticed, was that one user had a black-and-yellow Mumbai Taxi. (see this)

Monetization: The game is fairly addictive, and I’m sure, like me, there are others who hate to lose. Zapak is selling items through the game, and there’s a notice in the terms and conditions that forbids users from trading items. So I guess we shouldn’t expect a parallel virtual economy to be instituted, like in case of World of Warcraft. Zapak is offering users top-ups starting from Rs. 50 (1000 cash points) to Rs. 500 (10,000 cash points). Their payment options include – Credit Card, ITZ Cash, OxiCash, Paymate and NetBanking

The thing is – the more money a user spends on items, the more the opportunity to buy a faster car, more utilities, and hence more wins. It’s a competitive world out there.

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