So do we have WiFi at Bangalore and Jaipur railway stations yet? ’cause a year ago, Railtel had announced plans for WiFi at 50 stations, starting with Jaipur and Bangalore, with a grand target of 500 stations overall. They reiterated that plan a couple of months later, and I guess they’ll reiterate the plan again sometime soon.

More plans now – Railtel is now planning to provide Internet services in Kerala, with free education material for download…probably a portal as well made as Sakshat; they’ve got video content from IITs and IISc, which is, anyway available for viewing on YouTube. What amazes me is the talk of speeds of between 2mbps and 30mbs. Did I mention they’re also planning an underwater cybercafe in the Lakshwadeep…No? Next July, maybe.

What’s interesting is this mention from Hughes Commuications, of Satellite broadband trials on trains. Apparently, mobile companies have also tried the same, and there are issues with black spots of no connectibity, for which they’re installing the satellite infrastructure. I’m a little skeptical about the implementation, though – we’ve heard a lot of talk – there was a mention of FREE Internet on Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains, and here’s my interview with Railtel (from 2006). Enough talk – I’ll believe it when I see it.