MySpace‘s India community page – Indihub – has apparently received a facelift, but I think it still needs a lot of work. Some changes, though – the main Indihub page features a nifty photo slideshow, integration of videos, features users and has a showcase of discussions.

MySpace India has also introduced city specific hubs: for Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, each with city specific featured users, videos (though the Delhi hub has a Russell Peters video, instead of something Delhi specific), a city-wise list of discussion topics etc. The city specific hubs don’t really appear to have caught on – Delhi and Bangalore have 13 “friends” each, while Mumbai has 15. The main hub – Indihub – has 186174 friends.

With the Hubs, MySpace appears to be trying to create something that is both a content showcase and a forum. It allows Indian users to discover content, music and interesting users (both celebrities and others). The forums have only 54 posts since Jan 2008, and only 727 comments on Indihub.

User behaviour is extremely difficult to predict and control, but there is one thing that MySpace hasn’t got right with Indihub – the usability. The way content is showcased is poor – the contrast between the text and the background is poor, there are five inline scroll bars, and content discovery is difficult. Take a look at the Dare design that I mentioned yesterday, and they’ve done a far better job of enabling content discovery. MySpace might have an issue with its legacy design, but the execution here is very disappointing.

A content suggestion for MySpace India – since MySpace is involved with quite a few music related events, do encourage event reviews, photos and videos, and perhaps allow users to share invites and information related to the event. That worked rather well at the RSJ forums.