Update: We’re told that the numbers we’ve calculated for VAS are for the month, and not for the quarter, since ARPU is a monthly figure. We stand corrected. That effectively bumps up Idea’s quarterly VAS revenue by 3x the amount we’ve mentioned.

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VAS Revenues
VAS Revenue for Idea Cellular was at 8.9 percent of ARPU (Average Revenue Per User). While this is up on percentage terms, the ARPU itself has declined. So I did a simple calculation from the performance numbers disclosed by Idea Cellular, as per which, revenue from VAS for the company has increased in absolute terms to Rs. 67.28 crores for the quarter ending June 2007, from around Rs. 43.34 crores for the same quarter month last year, and Rs. 56.48 crores last quarter for May 2008.

Minutes of Use and ARPU
The Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) for Idea Cellular was Rs. 278, down from Rs. 287 last quarter, and Rs. 320 for the same quarter last year. At the same time, the Average Minutes of Use (MOU) was also up at 428 minutes, up from 411 minutes last quarter, and 381 minutes for the same quarter last year.

Subscriber Addition And Churn
Idea Cellular added 3.19 million subscribers during the quarter ended June 30th 2008, 98.4 percent of which were in Pre-Paid; during the last quarter, they had added 2.95 million subscribers. The company claims that its subscriber market-share in the 11 circles it operates in has gone up marginally, from 9.6 percent, from 9.4 percent from the last quarter.

Overall, Churn appears to be lowest in Q1. The company has a pre-paid churn of 4.1 percent, and a post-paid churn of 2.5 percent. Pre-paid churn has declined from 4.8 percent last quarter, while post-paid churn remains the same. The overall churn for the Idea Cellular was at 4.0 percent, down from 4.6 percent last quarter.