Business Standard, a financial daily, has launched “Business Standard Live Markets” a market information segment that provides stock market information, information on key indices, top market performers, and interestingly – information on broker calls. The site features its fair share of news, segmented according as Market News, Commodities, IPO Information, as well as views in a segment called The Smart Investor. The site also has BSE notices. Overall, it’s just a quicker, more segmented way of providing news that is already available publicly. Google Finance follows a similar model, though it aggregates news from across publications, and doesn’t have an India specific site, unlike Yahoo, which has Yahoo Finance India.

Whether there is enough in the site to make someone switch from market heavyweights like Moneycontrol, only time will tell. Remember, BS has a content partnership with UTV, and a similar segment is also there at Livemint, the website for HT Media’s financial daily also has a MarketInfo segment, though there still are issues with the charts display (a screencap). Here’s a list of publications with stock market information:

Disclosure: I own an inconsequential number of shares of Network18