-- email sent out from GooseFish Media Ventures to potential publishing partners.
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I'm Madhu Balakrishnan and I'm the Manager, Operations & Alliances for India's first Women's Media Network. Appropriately we're called Diva Nation. You can read a brief introduction to our (Capital 18 invested) company at the bottom of this mail.

We're hungry for great content and we'll sniff it out from even the darkest corners of Cyber Space.

Essentially, we're gearing up to take the power back and we're looking for partners. What this basically means is that we want you to be part of our network of fabulous 'Indian Women on the Web'.

Today, women make 83 percent of all purchase decisions regarding everything from breakfast cereal to cars and personal computers for themselves and their families. They are also responsible for 80 percent of all health care related decisions in their households.

They have the power of the purse, they value quality and bring home a product only if it offers value for money, authenticity and satisfies a need. Women have holistic look at shopping and seek out a bigger bang for their buck. The ultimate discerning consumer!

Diva Nation is endeavoring to weave together a powerful network of women centric online publishers (and yes, that includes you!) from across the country to create an unprecedented platform to reach out to Indian women on the web. We plan to funnel this collective endeavor to make business sense for everyone.

Once onboard Diva Nation you will have the dual benefit of having your blog/site leveraged by us as one of our partners, increasing your site traffic and page views and earn a neat revenue by hosting some quality Brand advertisements.

Our Advertising partners are some of the finest brands in the country and we wouldn't bring them on board if we didn't endorse them ourselves. These include products from the house of P&G, Nestle, HLL and some of the top consumer durable brands in India.

Diva Nation wants women to be the influencer's, inquirers and informers for quality brands in the country. Marketers from across all genres are sitting up to take notice of this most powerful demographic.

'We the women' are the ones brands market to. So it's a fair trade for us to gain as channels of communication, much like in traditional media like Print or Television, but with a lot more quality control, transparency and filtration.

The days of contextual text ads (Google ads) are passé. Diva Nation is gearing up for a new social media marketing revolution and we hope that you recognize the opportunity in this alliance.

Please do let us know if we've piqued your interest and we'll further our communication with tons of more information and avenues that can explored.

We're taking 'Women Empowerment' out of the textbooks… and all the way to the bank!

Best Regards

Madhu Balakrishnan

Company Introduction

Diva Nation- India's first Women's Media Network; is a Goosefish Media Ventures' initiative.

Goose Fish Media Ventures is a Capital 18 invested company. Capital 18 is the Venture Capital arm of Network 18 who own and operate CNN IBN, CNBC, IBN 7, MoneyControl.com, Indiwo.com etc.

With our roots firmly entrenched in the Digital Industry, we take immense pride in being thought leaders in conceptualizing new ideas and leveraging our first-mover advantage. We are headquartered in Andheri West in Mumbai. And yes, the Diva Nation team is in fact 'All Divas only'. We have branches in Delhi and Bombay and plan to have a pan India approach for our Women's Media Network.

Our Website is in closed beta testing (that basically means we're prepping for the BIG launch) and will launch very very soon!

We'll be sure to update you when that's ready. Till then welcome aboard Diva!

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-- email sent out from GooseFish Media Ventures to potential publishing partners.