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Indian users will now be able to tweet and add items to their Amazon Shopping Cart, and check them out later at a convenient time, without having to leave their ... Continue_Reading

TimesCity starts table reservation via Twitter

Times Internet’s restaurant listing service TimesCity now lets you book tables from Twitter. ... Continue_Reading
Katherine Heigl suing pharmacy chain Duane Reade is very, very timely… and frankly overdue. ... Continue_Reading
The Adani Group is planning to take action against Twitter over a fake account in the name of its founder, Gautam Adani, that is allegedly posting messages against Aam Aadmi ... Continue_Reading
Between July and December 2013, Twitter received 2 removal requests through court orders and 6 removal requests from government or police authorities that specified 54 user accounts and it complied with 13% ... Continue_Reading
Indian Minister of State for Human Resource Development Shashi Tharoor’s wife Sunanda Pushkar has said that she “took upon the crimes of this man (Shashi Tharoor) during IPL” in a call ... Continue_Reading
Raheel Khursheed has been appointed as head of news, politics and government by Twitter India, where he will provide front-line technical support to journalists, politicians and governmental agencies. ... Continue_Reading

IMImobile Ties Up With O2 To Bring Self Care To Twitter

UPDATE: IMImobile clarified that O2 is already seeing more customer interactions via digital channels and has seen a decline in voice calls to customer service – one million fewer per ... Continue_Reading
Update: Twitter has reinstated all the tweets according to Manjul, however there is no official word from Twitter yet. Earlier: Twitter deleted two political cartoons on the issue of Lokpal ... Continue_Reading
India’s the first country that Sweden-based global phone directory service Truecaller will roll out its social media integration in. Truecaller is an application that tells you details of the caller using social ... Continue_Reading
Last month, a television channel in this country retired some favourite channels, causing a furore amongst the fans. A few of them have taken to a parody account on Twitter ... Continue_Reading

Why Apple Bought Topsy: The Reason Everyone Has Missed!

There have already been too many predictions of why Apple bought Topsy. Everyone from Wall Street Journal to Inc. have weighed in on their opinions for why Topsy was bought ... Continue_Reading