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Daily Newsletter

You’re invited to share your unique perspective on trends and issues in the Indian digital space with your fellow readers at MediaNama, and seed a discussion will help create a healthier ecosystem.

If you’ve written an article that you wish to share, please click here to sign in (click ‘register’ on the page that loads if you haven’t signed up previously) as a contributor, or simply mail your contribution to [email protected].

MediaNama aims to provide the finest opinion and analysis on Telecom and Digital Media services and applications in India, and thus all submissions will be whetted by the editor. For clarifications or discussing ideas, please feel free to write in to [email protected] article submission guidelines:

Author Guidelines

  • Credit & disclosures
    Please include the authors name, website URL and short bio, at the bottom of the article. Also please include any disclosures. Authors need to be verified by MediaNama, so please do share your functioning (preferably official) email address.
  • Copyright
    Copyright for the article rests with the guest author, though MediaNama reserves the right to republish in its newsletter and other formats.
  • Anonymous Submissions
    We prefer that you not remain anonymous and use your real name. However, we recognize that there are situations wherein an author wants to make a valuable contribution (an example here) only under the cloak of anonymity. While the authors name need not be published on the website, we need to know the authors real name and contact information, which will be kept confidential. This way, we can also share emailed user responses with the author. Please contact [email protected] for using a pseudonym with your article.

Content Guidelines

  • Content
    Please conform to a specific theme throughout the article. We want you to enlighten, educate, or inform – to raise the level of discussion in the industry by voicing your views on certain industry issues. If you are writing about previously documented issues, we would need a fresh perspective on the same. Your opinion matters most.
  • Topics
    We have a soft spot for emerging segments in the industry, particularly Indic languages, location based services, new modes of advertising, mobile Internet and applications insights, digital payments, among others. But that doesn’t mean we’re limited to them.
    There is no strict guideline, but we would prefer no less than 400 words, and no more than 1000 words in length. Please try to be concise. Articles longer than 1000 words may be split into multiple parts, or edited to conform to the limit
  • Slanderous Content
    Should contain nothing racial or otherwise offensive in nature. No specifically slanderous references to competitors, for which we may be held liable.

We reserve the right
— To reject any submission or request changes: these are editorial decisions, and we request that you respect our choice, in terms of how much the article really contributes to the discussion, the number of articles that have already covered the topic, and at times, whether we have to resources to process the article.
— To edit for clarity, style and/or length
— To remove an article, for any reason, at our discretion

If you’re read this far…thank you. :) We’re looking forward to your contribution.

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Daily Newsletter