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If you are a superhero app developer who can solve all problems on its own, then this article is not for you. ... Continue_Reading
Easily available as well as reliable data services in India can have a huge impact upon the country both politically and economically. Kushan Mitra scrutinises the multiple facets and consequences ... Continue_Reading
by Anurag Singh A recent eMarketer report analyzed by the Economic Times talks of Facebook “Eating into” Google’s Mobile Revenues. We’re talking of a market of almost $18 billion of ... Continue_Reading
We know how smartphones are on everyone’s purchase list in India and almost 100mn users have already shifted. One of the reasons for its success is availability of wide variety ... Continue_Reading
Aside from a post (see here) that Prashant had written on it, network neutrality is a topic we’ve not often touched upon in this blog. In light of this, we are ... Continue_Reading
Since its introduction back in October 2000, the Information Technology Act has proved to be a highly controversial piece of legislation. In its thirteen-odd years of operation, the Act has ... Continue_Reading
We have an interesting ‘ghost post’ by a lawyer who practices with an IP law firm on the various ways in which the Copyright Amendments of 2012 can be circumvented. ... Continue_Reading
Pan India 4G – LTE service license holder Reliance JIO Infocomm (RJIL) is all set to launch its much awaited 4G data services soon. We at TelecomTalk got exclusive access ... Continue_Reading
Amidst the deluge of stories being written on UIDAI or AADHAR, the latest to indulge in excessive hand-wringing is the Economic Times reporting about a deal between MongoDB and UIDAI. ... Continue_Reading
by Devika Agarwal (part of the 2nd Annual SpicyIP Fellowship applicant series) When internet memes started doing the rounds on social networking sites one would have never imagined that it would become ... Continue_Reading
by Devika Agarwal (part of the 2nd Annual SpicyIP Fellowship applicant series) Copyright in Photographs vis-a-vis Social Networking Sites We live in the ripe age of digital photography where anybody with a ... Continue_Reading
Last month, a television channel in this country retired some favourite channels, causing a furore amongst the fans. A few of them have taken to a parody account on Twitter ... Continue_Reading