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MediaNama is the premier source of information and analysis on Digital and Telecom businesses in India. We cover whatever matters in the Digital business in India, providing news, opinion and analysis on new launches, Mergers & Acquisitions, Venture Capital Funding, Industry Research, Joint Ventures and other business developments related to Internet and Mobile communities, and content including music, gaming, video and more. Our key focus is on digital content and services, and their carriage and monetization across platforms. We also focus on issues that have an impact on the digital ecosystem in India, especially policy related issues.

Our mission is to help build a digital ecosystem in India, which is open, fair and competitive.


Our reportage attracts a readership of business decision makers, policy wonks and investors with an eye on Internet, Telecom, Payments, Ecommerce, Classifieds, Video, News and Entertainment domains in India.

Content & Services Focus

Our focus is essentially on the content and services, and their carriage in the digital content ecosystem – the content creators, distributors, the access service providers who provide the carriage for the content, the devices on which the content is consumed, and the government policies that define this ecosystem. Some the types of stories we focus on include: Government Policy and Regulation, Mergers, Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, VC & PE Investments, Industry Research & Metrics, Financial Information of Public Listed Companies, including Earnings Results and IPO, Legal, IP, DRM and Patent related news. We cover sectors like digital payments, messaging, location based services, classifieds, travel, applications, sports (legal issues), education, health, music, films, search among others.

Our belief is that the deeper we dig into the issues around segments, the more knowledge we spread about them, thus enabling entrepreneurs, investors and media companies to make better informed decisions about them.

At Medianama, we are taking a special interest in important segments including Indian Language Content, Internet Freedom and Open Data, because we feel that these are important for building an inclusive, fair and competitive ecosystem in India.

RTI & Data

We’ve done a considerable amount of work using the Right To Information act, collecting and publishing data collected by and to the Indian government, including tender related submissions, comments on policy, data on internet connections, mobile and digital payments, expenditure by the government, IPTV, and lots more. We launched and briefly ran India’s first data journalism initiative called MediaNama Charts, which had interactive visualizations. We continue to collect and publish visualizations on MediaNama.com

Contact Us

Editor: nikhil [AT] medianama [DOT] com or send us a message/anonymous tip-off here.

Physical address: Mixed Bag Media Pvt Ltd, 20 A Rajpur Road, Civil Lines, Delhi-110054, Civil Lines

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About the Editor

Nikhil Pahwa has covered the business of digital media in India for over 4 years. Prior to founding MediaNama, he was the Editor of contentSutra (now owned by the Guardian Media Group). Over the years, he has helped bring a pan-media perspective to digital media reportage, highlighting industry issues, identifying opportunities and problems, and questioning the efficacy of decisions being made by some large media companies.

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Daily Newsletter