Dropbox has announced a new add-on for Gmail that will let users access their files from the cloud service within the email platform. The add-on will let users search for Dropbox files within their emails and then they can manage and collaborate files without having to exit whatever they’re currently working on and will be accessible from different browsers and platforms. The plugin will be available on Android and Windows in the beginning and will soon be introduced to iOS.

The feature is part of the Google–Dropbox partnership that was announced this March. The latter said that the partnership is aimed at reducing the number of applications used and increasing the amount of the work done.

The partnership came as a surprise for a lot because of the similar features both Google Drive and Dropbox or Google Documents and Dropbox’s paper share. Despite being the underdog, the partnership gave Dropbox access to tap into a large number of Google users and give its own users access to multiple strata of features that are available on Gmail and so on.

Working with competitors is not new to the cloud platform; in fact, it’s a success tactic. In 2014, Dropbox also partnered with Microsoft and introduced a number of features that will make the platform easily accessible for Office users. Dropbox CEO, Drew Houston said that partnerships with competitors are a reason behind the company’s success in the first quarter.