Facebook has launched advanced measurement for all advertisers, as a part of its Facebook Business Manager offering. The product was previously available only for large enterprises, and will now be available for all advertisers.

The new features will include tools focused on reach and attribution. The tools were previously offered by Atlas, an online advertising company that Facebook acquired from Microsoft in 2013. The new tools will help publishers compare the effectiveness of Instagram, Facebook and Audience Network alongside other publishers.

It’s worth noting that 84% of Facebook’s Q3 2016 came from mobile ads. For the September ended quarter, the company’s ad revenues was $6.8 billion, a 59% year-over-year change from $4.2 billion in the same quarter last year. It’s other property, Instagram, now has 500,000 global advertisers.

New features for advertisers: In March, Facebook had added another feature to help advertisers better target their audiences and started displaying relevancy scores. The scoring system allows advertisers to optimize their existing ad campaigns and test different combinations of image and copy with different audiences, and learn which combinations offer the highest relevance scores.

The same month, Facebook also launched ‘Creative Accelerator’, a program for advertisers to develop mobile-ad campaigns. This initiative would let advertisers tailor advertising campaigns based on the user’s region and device used in developing countries.