Uber has hiked its ‘ride time fare’ by 50 paise per minute on uberGO (hatchbacks) and uberX (Sedans) rides, and also increased base fare for uberX rides by Rs 5 per km in Mumbai. The company added that a 20 km ride from Borivali to Andheri will now cost Rs 112 on uberPOOL (shared cab), Rs 225 on uberGO and Rs 286 on uberX (Sedan) with the updated fares.

uberGO rides in Mumbai  now costs Rs 1.5 per minute from the earlier Rs 1 per minute while rest of the charges remain the same. uberGO rides will also be charged at higher Rs 1.5 per minute while the base fare is increased to Rs 75; rest of the charges on uberX remains the same in Mumbai.

Note that Uber had earlier hiked fares in Delhi to Rs 1.5 per minute on all of its rides including uberGo, uberPOOL and uberX, bringing up fares by about 10-15% in the city. The company also hiked fares in Delhi for rides longer than 20 kms and changed the pricing in Pune to Rs 15 per kms after the first 15 kms.

Uber claims that the fire hikes in Mumbai city was to ensure that its driver partners and individuals continue to earn a profitable returns, according to its statement in a blog post.

Note that the fare hikes comes after various state governments have been imposing new cab aggregator guidelines with price restrictions regarding the lower and upper limit of fare chargeable, like the recent Maharashtra Govt’s regulation which states, “fares should prescribe to minimum and maximum fare limits by the government.”

Earlier this month, Ola and Uber drivers in Telangana State, represented by taxi unions, declared a five-day strike against low earnings. The drivers’ demands included clearing outstanding dues and providing a valid reason for suspending drivers. The also wanted the companies to scrap the star-rating system and remove the mandatory three-trip compliance for incentives during surge hours.