Uber has hiked its fares in Delhi to Rs 1.5 per minute, reports the Economic Times. The new fares will not change the base per kilometer rate charged by the company, but rather modifies the Rs 1 it charged for each minute of ridetime. The change will apply across UberGo, UberPOOL and UberX, and is expected to raise the fares by about 10-15% in the city.

Uber had earlier revised its fares for rides longer than 20 km in Delhi in October, where it now charges Rs 12 and Rs 13 per km after the first 20 kms for UberGO and UberX. The first 20 km on UberGo cost Rs 6 per km in India. The company subsequently changed the pricing in Pune as well, and now charges Rs 15 per km after the first 15 kms. Uber had first revised its charges for long distance rides in Bangalore in August 2015.

Note that various state governments have been imposing new cab aggregator laws with price restrictions regarding the lower and upper limit of fare chargeable, like Maharashtra Govt’s regulation which states, “fares should prescribe to minimum and maximum fare limits by the government.”

Uber has protested such regulations, be it by taking to court as in Karnataka’s case, or calling it ‘unviable’ as in Maharashtra’s case. Amit Jain, Uber’s India president had even called for the deregulation of the app-based transport industry in India in October. Meanwhile, the price revision comes amidst mounting losses – globally Uber’s loss exceeded $800 million in the third quarter, not including China operations.