What’s a few million when you have 970 million active mobile connections in India? The Active connection data represents peak VLR (Visitor Location Register) data for the month, so it includes users roaming from on another telecom operators network (For example, Airtel, Idea and Vodafone have Intra-circle roaming arrangements which allow 3G users from Airtel to roam on an Idea 3G network). These are counted as separate Internet connections, and there is also multi-SIM usage, so the number of connections should not be seen as active users.

Some stats:

– Airtel has the second highest active connection base of 97.21%, followed by Vodafone at 95.25%.
– There were 970.47 million active connections in the month of October 2016.
– Idea has 101.73% of connections active on its network – the highest among all telcos. TRAI says the percentage of active connections is more than 100% due to in-roamers i.e. subscribers from other operators roaming in Idea’s network.

In terms of the number of active connections, Airtel leads with 254.95 million connections followed by Vodafone at 192.31 million connections.

Mobile Operator Leaderboard For October 2016 (Total Connections):

– Reliance Jio added 19.63 million connections, taking its connection base to 35.61 million.
– Idea added 6.33 million connections, taking its connection base to 185.15 million.
– Airtel added 2.32 million connections, taking its connection base to 262.26 million.

Top 4 telcos have 73% of total active connections

The top three telecom operators in India – Vodafone, Airtel and Idea Cellular – added 7.11 million active connections in October 2016, accounting for 65% of active connections, and added 33% of total active added connections. Along with Reliance Communications, the top four now account for 73% of active connections.

Their growth is outpacing the rest, as, together, they accounted for more active connections during the month (65%) than all the telecom operators combined, while some of the rest lost connections.




Statewise data

– In terms of active connections, Madhya Pradesh leads with 94.75% active connections, followed by Maharashtra, Kerala and U.P.(W) . North East has just 79.99% active connections, the lowest among all circles.

– UP (East) has the most number of connections, with 96.61 million connections (96,610,129 connections). Maharashtra is second with 87.18 million connections (87,183,302 connections) and Tamil Nadu is third with 83.47 million connections (83,476,704 connections).

– Bharti Airtel holds the maximum percentage market share of wireless connections at 24.32%, followed by Vodafone at 18.72%, Idea at 17.17%, BSNL at 8.80% and Aircel at 8.38%.

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Active mobile connections in India declined by 17M in June 2016: TRAI
Active mobile connections in India declined by 1.5M in May 2016: TRAI
Active Mobile connections in India declined by 2.4 million in April 2016: TRAI
India had 936 million active mobile connections in March 2016: TRAI
India added 7.63M active mobile connections in February 2016
India added 5.57M active mobile connections in January’16
India added 4.92M active mobile connections in December’15; RCOM Loses 5.92M