Xiaomi has launched the 1st version of its virtual reality headset labelled the Mi VR in India at Rs 999. The device is currently out of stock on its Mi store, and will next go on sale on the 21st of December at 12pm. The headset is Google Cardboard compatible and as such will work with smartphones that work with Google’s DIY VR.

The headset made of Lycra, and fits phones between 4.7 inches and 5.7 inches in size. The headset also has a zip to secure the smartphone inside. However, the headset is nowhere as good as the company’s recently demoed (confusing named) Mi VR, which is not on sale yet. This headset sports features like a built in motion sensor and can be considered to be Mi VR 2 despite Xiaomi’s insistence on giving both its products the same name.

Interestingly, Xiaomi had also launched a VR app store in China, which currently claims to offer over 30 VR apps and 500 panoramic videos. The company had also said then that it would partner with several VR content creators. While the VR store is not yet available in India, we expect the company will look to expand its services segment to other markets.

The Chinese company is not the only manufacturer to launch headsets compatible with their phones, and will not be the last one to do so. This trend has been on the rise ever since Google Cardboard made VR apps common and the company has encouraged this through the launch of initiatives like the Daydream SDK. In October, Google also launched a $79 VR headset to work with its Pixel smartphones. Samsung also has its own VR headset and there are many clones on the market that will work with most phones capable of VR.