Culture Machine has tied up with US-based Scout Media to provide its Video Machine services, which lets content producers create videos from audio and text sources to provide visuals and accompanying content.

Culture Machine mentions that its technology will be used to create sports centric topics for male  audiences. It claims that Scout Media already has several videos showcasing stories around football, that were made using Video Machine. Scout Media is a digital media network which publishes stories and videos on NFL, fantasy sports, college football, basketball, hunting, fishing etc.

The ‘Video Machine’ technology has apparently already been used in the Asian market, and through this initiative, Culture Machine is looking expand in the US as well. It’s not clear how the technology works or how much the company charges third parties. We have asked the company about this, and will update when we get a reply.

Interestingly, Culture Machine mentions that the tech has been used for creating ‘thousands of videos and millions of views each month.’ Note that the company had raised $18 million in 2015 for investing in technology and intelligence platform, which it claims is its key differentiator. It has traditionally focused on unique content generation and with the Video Machine platform, it looks like the company will look at video creation for third-parties as a source of revenue.

Culture Machine also has a proprietary technology media platform to analyse trending content and advise creators and brands on what kind of content to create and when. Apart from this, it has a YouTube certified team for audience development, analytics, marketing and PR team to help creators, brands and media companies reach out to their audiences at scale. The company also aggregates content, and it has its own channels.