Parminder Singh, Twitter’s Managing Director for Southeast Asia, MENA and India, has quit the company. Singh had joined Twitter in November 2013. He said that the India and Southeast Asia (INSEA) would be aligned to APAC region whereas MENA would be assigned to the EMEA region. According to his tweets, Singh will be around for this month. Twitter’s INSEA will be looked after Maya Hari and MENA region by Benjamin Ampen.

Before joining Twitter, Singh was MD of display solution sales of APAC for a year, director of online media sales for the same region for 2 years and business head for over 2.5 years at Google. Prior to Google, he worked at IBM as the GM of marketing for over 4 years, country sales head and head of marketing at Apple for 4 years and regional sales manager at HCL for 4 years.


Earlier this week Rishi Jaitly, Twitter’s India head, quit the company. Jaitly had joined Twitter in November 2012 as its India market director and was promoted to director of Southeast Asia in 2 years. After a year, he was made the VP of media, APAC and MENA, where he worked for a little over a year.

In July, Shailesh Rao, VP – Asia Pacific, Latin America & Emerging Markets at Twitter quit the company. Rao had joined Twitter from Google 4.5 years ago, in April 2012, where he had been the Managing Director for (media & platforms) for Google Asia Pacific, before which he had been the MD for Google India. Rao had been with Google for around 10 years.

Last week, Twitter decided to shutter its 6-second long loop video product Vine “in the coming months.” As of June 2016, Twitter had over 313 million monthly active users.