Online streaming company nexGTv has partnered with Web Talkies for the worldwide digital telecast rights to ‘Maid In India’. Web Talkies is an online video streaming platform that offers both paid and free videos for registered members.

Interestingly, nexGTv had launched a separate app for shows called Comedy One in July this year. It’s not clear if the currently acquired show will be made available on this app. The company mentions that its primary app will show 10 episodes from the first season of ‘Maid In India’ as a part of its paid packages.

NexGTv has a similar partnership with YouTube MCN Culture Machine, which owns and operates Being Indian, Put Chutney, Blush, Epified, All Access, Awesome Sauce, VIVA Channel, Whack, Old Delhi Films, Rascalas. It had also acquired the digital telecast rights to UK-based Daehan Drama’s popular comedy web series, ATtheCOUNTER.

The online streaming service has been increasing its content library for a while now. It had partnered with ONE Network Entertainment, an online video creator, talent aggregator, branded content producer, for the same. In February nexGTv tied-up with #fame to integrate its content on its streaming platform.

As a part of the deal, #fame will create and premiere content exclusively on nexGTv before publishing it on other channels.  In January, Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra partnered nexGTv to air an original show called “It’s my city.” Earlier in July,  nexGTv launched an Android app for streaming music from different genres/categories available in its repository.

In December 2015, film director Imtiaz Ali tied up with nexGTv to launch a digital platform called SPOTLight where filmmakers and content creators can post their original short videos across genres.