Uber has revised its fares for long distance rides in Pune where users will need to pay Rs 15 per km after the first 15 kms which are currently charged Rs 6 per km. The base and per minute charge remains the same at Rs 35 and Re 1 per minute.

Uber says that this is to “justify partner economics” for UberGO while there are no changes in prices for UberX and UberSUV in the city. Toll charges for the airport still apply.

Uber has also done the same for Delhi, where it will charge Rs 12 and Rs 13 per km after the first 20 kms for UberGO and UberX. Uber had first revised its charges for long distance rides in Bangalore in August last year for its UberX and UberGO vehicles. At the time, the company said that it did not have plans to introduce this in its other operational cities, but seems to have changed its mind about it.

Note that last month, we reported that Uber drivers would get incentives for every extra ride they completed over the predetermined number of rides they had signed up for. Uber drivers usually take up packages of 8, 10 and 13 rides daily which gives them a fixed amount of income depending on the city they’re in. According to Uber, the incentives are paid out to the drivers.

Uber has also introduced a “flat fare” as such where users from Bangalore airport can pay Rs 549 from the BIAL airport to anywhere in the city. For users with a lot of luggage, it offers a ride ‘Airport to City XL’ for Rs 799.

1 million drivers in India via UberSHAAN

Last month, Uber said that it would provide a platform called UberSHAAN for people who owned one or multiple cars to find drivers for them to join the Uber platform. This was done through Xchange Leasing, the Mumbai-based car leasing firm in which Uber invested at least Rs 243 crore this year. Uber aims to have 1 million drivers in India by 2018.

Ghost rides in Pune

Note that in February this year, Uber delisted as many as 60 drivers in Pune after they were found doing ghost rides to ensure that they got their full weekly incentive and reimbursements. Its discerning to note that Uber drivers from Bangalore and Hyderabad have protested previously, with aid from local unions, when Uber changed its incentive policy. (The struggle of driving a Uber cab in Pune and Mumbai here.)