PayPal will be a payment option on Facebook’s Messenger application for customers, the company announced today. Note that this is only limited to customers in the United States. This means that people who shop via chatbots on online merchants will be complete the purchase through PayPal.

PayPal says it will make it easier to link your PayPal account to Facebook and Messenger, and it will roll out support for receiving notifications about transactions to Messenger users in the US.

Facebook has also partnered with card networks Visa, MasterCard and American Express for payments on Messenger. 

Last month, Facebook said that Messenger can accept payments in-app without sending users to an external website. Facebook had announced money transfers and payments over Messenger in March last year and had partnered with Stripe and PayPal for the same.

TechCrunch points out that there are over 30,000 bots from around 34,000 developers on Facebook.

In December, PayPal also said that Braintree, a company it acquired, allowed consumers to hail and pay for an Uber from Messenger.

Crossing 1 billion users: Messenger has crossed 1 billion monthly active users(MAUs)  since initial launch in August 2011. Messenger joined the 1 billion club, which earlier included messaging service WhatsApp, and Google-owned YouTube, Gmail and Google Maps. Facebook had revamped its Messenger platform and allowed users to sign-up for the service, even if they don’t have a Facebook account.

Facebook removed Messenger from its original app in 2014 and prompted users to download Messenger as a standalone app.

Instant articles on Messenger: Facebook’s Instant Articles was made available on Messenger. The update will be available to Android devices first and on iOS in the coming weeks. This was at a time when Facebook mentioned that it was planning to open Messenger to publishers at F8 in April.