The enterprise version of Facebook dubbed as ‘Facebook at Work, which has been in beta mode for over a year, is now launching worldwide. The enterprise version allows businesses to build their own secure social network, and is now renamed as “Workplace by Facebook.”

The company claims to have already onboarded more than 1000 organisations worldwide who collectively have created 100,000 groups on the service. Top 5 countries using Workplace includes India, Norway, US, UK and France. The service is available on both desktop and PCs. In India, companies like YES Bank, Vision India Foundation, UST Global, Larsen & Turbo among others have joined the service.

To register, an organization will have to apply via the Workplace website and pay a nominal fee for usage. Note that the service claimed to have over 60,000 companies on wait-list during beta stage. Norway-based Telenor was the biggest customer under the service during beta stage. Facebook’s enterprise social network will now largely aim to compete with Microsoft-owned Linkedin, which currently claims to have over 450 million registered users.

Features and Pricing

Among the generic Facebook features like News Feed, Groups, Chat, Live Video, Auto-translate, Work Chat, Trending posts, Search filters, the company has added some more enhancements to the service. These include:

Multi-Company Groups: These are shared Workplace groups that allow employees from multiple organizations to connect with each other. All group members will need be part of Workplace; members from one company won’t be able to see any information from an outside company other than what’s happening in a Multi-Company group.


Customized analytical and sign-in options: Companies using Workplace-will have access to a custom dashboard with analytics and integration. The Workplace service also has capabilities to use existing company identity database (like employee ID or email) to help users sign-in to the service without the need of setting up an extra database.


Prices: Facebook will charge a nominal fee from organizations on basis of number of users using the platform:
– $3 USD first 1,000 monthly active users
-$2 USD 1,001 – 10,000 monthly active users
-$1 USD 10,000+ monthly active users

Work Chat Feature: In November 2015, Facebook had quietly launched a messenger app called Work Chat on Android, allowing co-workers to message each other individually, participate in group chats, share photos and videos, make voice calls, and even use stickers.