stock market

Reliance Securities, the brokerage and distribution arm of Reliance Capital, has launched TICK Pro for options trading which will use bots to to track markets in real-time to identify trends and choose an investment strategies.  An option is a financial derivative product which gives the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an underlying asset for a specific price and time.

For example, an investor can buy an option which will allow him to buy 100 shares of a company for Rs 50. The investor thinks the share price of the company will not go up more than Rs 100. If the share price remains inside Rs 100, the investor can buy the 100 shares. If the share price goes above Rs 100, the investor loses Rs 50. To understand options trading better check Investopedia.

TICK Pro says it scans over 25,000 contracts, 5,000 securities per second and identifies opportunities for options trading. The app includes scanners that gives trades a list of stocks under different criteria like rising and falling volume, price trend, abnormal volume shockers etc. The app currently tracks the Nifty, Bank Nifty and other indices for real-time updates on stocks.

TICK Pro is available for Android and iOS version and can be downloaded at Play Store and Appstore.

Apps used for trading and investments

A number of brokerage firms have started using mobile apps for trading. IIFL says that nearly 30% of its clients are using its app to trade, as indicated by this Hindu Business Line report. It adds that Edelweiss Securities sees about 12-15% of its trades coming in from its mobile app.

There’s also Robinhood, an app which allows people to buy and sell stocks US Stocks. The app wants to open trading of US stocks to the world but recently opened to China. Eventually it wants to open trading on each country’s native exchanges.

For investing in mutual funds in India, there’s Finozen will offer a basket of schemes, curated from a list of MFs and other financial products, as indicated by this Mint report. It allows users to invest as little as Rs 100 in mutual funds shows you approximately how much your money will grow in one year based on past one-year return.