Google shipped 3.2 million Chromecast devices in the U.S overtaking Apple TV shipments of 1.7 million units during the first quarter of 2016 (Q1FY16), said a report by market analysis firm IHS Inc. The report added that the rise in Chromecast shipments is expected to continue in the future.

Chromecast is priced at around $35 and allows users to wirelessly stream content (videos, music, photos) from both Android and iOS phones, tablets and laptops to the television over WiFi. It also allows users to run apps from Android phones on TVs or on PCs through a Chrome extensionHere is a list of apps available for Chromecast. Apple TV on the other hand is priced higher at $149, and allows users to wirelessly stream content from iOS devices to a TV using the AirPlay feature. Apart from this, users buy and download local and international music, films, books, games, etc. from an online store.

Netflix accounted for 32% of all devices in US

By the end of 2015, Netflix was present in 339 million connected devices in the U.S, which is roughly 32% of all devices connected to internet in the U.S, said the IHS report. The service claims to have added around 2.23 million subscriptions in the U.S during Q1FY16. The video service’s global reach and repository of T.V shows, movies, and its ubiquity turns Netflix into a default rival to any other given video offering in the U.S, added the report.

Connected devices share

Out of the 8.1 billion devices connected to the Internet globally, smartphones contributed to majority of new devices with 3.3 billion units during Q1FY16. PCs accounted for 1.8 billion devices; Tablets are fast-growing with 733 million devices. On an average, across the globe, devices connected to the internet accounted for at least 4 devices per household during Q1FY16, added the report.


Worldwide IoT device share predictions: The Ericsson Consumer Insight Summary Report June 2016 expects that by 2018 IoT devices like connected cars, machines, remote metering and other consumer electronics to have a larger share of connected devices than smartphones. As of now (Q1FY16), the reports mentions that there are 15 billion IoT devices globally, of which 0.4 billion are Cellular IoT, 4.2 billion non-cellular IoT, 1.7 billion PC/laptops/tablets, 7.1 billion mobile phones and 1.3 billion fixed phones.

Other highlights from the report

-The connected, audio-visual device base (MP3 and MP4 players, iPods) is inching toward 13 billion.
-At 13 connected devices per household, the North American market is the world’s most saturated
-Smartphones now outnumber tablets by 6 to 1
-The PlayStation has unambiguously established itself as the leading, connected console platform
-The wireless speaker market is growing tremendously quickly, driven by AirPlay connectivity
-North American retains the largest addressable base of pay TV multiscreen subscribers

Image Credits: Flickr user Mike Mozart under CC BY 2.0