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Vodafone India has 27.4 million 3G Internet connections for the quarter ended March 31, 2016. In comparison, the telecom operator had 16.6 million connections (increase of 56.02%)  in the same period last year, and 25.9 million subscribers in the preceding quarter.

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Note that Vodafone says that combined 3G and 4G users stood at 27.8 million users. So we estimate that the number of 4G users stands at around 4 lakh.  Idea Cellular said that its 4G base stood at 680,000 while Reliance Jio reported that it has 500,000 4G subscribers from its soft launch and that they consume an average of 18 GB a month. We estimated that Airtel has over 2.79 million 4G users in the preceding quarter.  In January 2014, Airtel had claimed that its 4G connection base had crossed the 100,000 mark in the country.

Total data connections were up to 67.5 million up from 66.5 million in Q2 FY16. Vodafone also said that 44.8 million users use more than 1 MB.


3G and 4G contributed to 70% of data usage and revenue. In Q4, browsing revenue represented 19.2% of local service revenue, up from 14.9% in the equivalent quarter last year. Vodafone added that preparations for its Indian subsidiary’s IPO are underway.

Other data highlights

–  Total data revenue increased to Rs 8,263 crore in FY 16. A growth of 45% YoY

– Blended data ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) for the quarter is Rs 163, up from Rs 141 in the previous quarter.

– 3G + 4G usage stood at 800 MB per user

– Average data usage per user for the quarter is 679 MB.

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– Smartphone penetration at 32% of total customer base.

Vodafone M-Pesa

– Vodafone M-Pesa active user base stood at 1.3 million. While the number of M-Pesa agents stood at 120,000. It’s total user base stood at 5.4 million.

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Financials for the year

– Service revenue  stood at Rs 46,435 crores in FY16, a growth of 10%.

– EBITDA at Rs 13,115 crores in FY16.

– EBITDA margin of 29.5% in the financial year.