Google Maps app

In a blog post, Google said that it is experimenting with new ad formats on Google Maps and will show logos for business locations on the web and the mobile app. Google Maps will now show ‘promoted pins’ for different business establishments who advertise with the company.

Logos could appear as you look at a map, or could show up in your driving route. The company added that when a user taps the logo, the business page could display coupons for items at that store or let you browse the store’s inventory.

Google’s new ads on Maps makes sense as it says that nearly one third of its searches are related to location.

Ads on image searches

Earlier this month, Google announced that introduced shopping ads on its image search, through which ads related to products will show on the platform, where they can be clicked to buy. The company adds that an advertiser’s ad will automatically be eligible to show on image search under its Google Search Network.

Google said that searches with “local intent” meaning phrases that include places, zip codes or “near me” have doubled in the past year. Now, advertisers can show a “buy online pickup in store” by adding a store pickup link to its Google-hosted product page, a page which appears after a user clicks on the local inventory ad.

YouTube bumper ads

In April, YouTube introduced a new 6 second video ad format called Bumper ads, to increase the reach and frequency of ads on mobile devices. According to Google, Bumper ads drove recall, awareness and consideration values. The ads will be sold through Google AdWords on a cost per thousand impression (CPM) basis. Since the ads will be just six seconds long, consumers are unlikely to have the option to skip them.

Revenues from advertising

Google’s advertising revenues stood at $18.02 billion for the quarter ended March 31, 2016 (Q1 2016), increasing 16.18% from $15.51 billion in the same period last year. Alphabet Inc, the holding company of Google, posted net profit of $4.2 billion Q1 2016, a rise of 19.68% from $3.52 billion in the same quarter last year. The company also reported revenues of $20.26 billion, an increase of 17.38% from $17.26 billion in the same period last year.