Direct-to-home (DTH) operator Dish TV has added 0.508 million net subscribers for the quarter ended March 2016 (Q4 FY16). Dish TV says that it is the highest quarterly subscriber additions in the last five years. The company added 0.338 million subscribers in the preceding quarter, and added 0.404 million subscribers in the same quarter last year. With this Dish TV’s total number of subscribers stands at 14.5 million.

Note that in April 2015, Dish TV transferred its non-core business (including set-top boxes, dish antenna and related services) to its wholly owned subsidiary Dish Infra Services Private Limited (formerly known as Xingmedia Distribution Private Limited) .


Dish TV reported an operating revenue of Rs 799.3 crore for the quarter, up 9.5% from Rs 690 crore in the same quarter last year, and up 3.6% from Rs 771.5 crore in the preceding. Dish TV’s subscription revenues stood at Rs 7,410 million, up 12.6% YoY.

The net profit shot up to Rs 482.2 crore for the quarter due to a deferred tax expense of Rs 436 crore which was written back this quarter. Dish TV had posed a profit of Rs 68.5 crore in the preceding quarter and Rs 34.9 crore in the same quarter last year.

The EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization) for the quarter was at Rs 260.8 crore for the quarter, down 1.7% from Rs 265.4 crore in the previous quarter.

Average Revenue Per User: DishTV reported an ARPU of Rs 174. In the preceding quarter ARPU stood at Rs 172.

– Dish TV’s DTH segment reported revenues of Rs 532.12 crore and the infra support services business reported revenues of Rs 255.97 crore.

 The DTH segment reported an operating profit of Rs 75.51 crore and the infra support services business reported a profit of Rs 31.96 crore.

Other highlights

Dish TV partnered with interactive game developer Visiware International, to introduce Playin’TV—Visiware’s TV channel that offers a selection of 20 games split up across 4 genres (Action Sports, Cards & Quizzes). Dish TV subscribers can subscribe to the new channel at Rs 50 per month.