The end of an era continues at Network18, with the Reliance Industries owned media network planning to rebrand as, as a part of a rebranding exercise which will also see CNN-IBN being renamed CNN News18, reports Livemint. IBNLive had been launched on 18th December 2005, alongwith the launch of the TV channel. Livemint has more details on Network18’s rebranding plans for its channels.

The name News18 is not new to the Network18 group, which has a history of launching sites and then folding them into their other properties. News18 was launched in January 2014, as a news site which focused on states, and aggregated news from the ETV Network, which the Network18 group had acquired.

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We checked and the old News18 website, which was far more readable than IBNLive, is no longer active, and the url redirects to IBNLive. At the same time, continues to live, for reasons only Network18 knows. They could offset some operating costs by selling that domain name. Lest we forget, Network18 also owns another news(y) property as well: In the past, Network18 has integrated 13 of its independent websites into other sites it has launched, either by keeping them as subdomains or integrating them in their entirety.

Time to update our (slightly morbid) Network18 website tracker:

Note that IBNLive hasn’t been renamed News18 yet.