Digital advertising network Amagi has launched a new ad insertion platform called Thunderstorm that delivers targeted advertising for premium live sports and news feeds. Thunderstorm will allow TV networks to insert ads on the server side as opposed to the traditional client-side insertion.

Traditonally, when ads are delivered to mulitple screes via apps, broadcasters and advertisers lose control over the advertising playout process. Often, viewers skip or block the ads, and the decision whether ads are played or not, can be left to the app service provider. Amagi says that Thunderstorm lets TV networks to take control over the ads aired in their content (read as viewers won’t be able to skip ads during a sports broadcast).

Amagi says that it uses a patented content watermark for Thunderstorm to keep track of the ads. The platform allows multiple ad formats, including bugs, L-bands, and linear video. Amagi also adds that Thunderstorm packages content and targeted ads together into a linear stream which won’t be detected by ad blockers.

Playout service

In August 2015, Amagi launched  a managed playout service that helps broadcasters simplify video content preparation, management and delivery using its cloud platform. Amagi’s platform would also let broadcasters manage assets and archives, traffic and scheduling and provide 24/7 monitoring. The platform creates a playlist based on content provided, post which the relevant content is pushed on to servers installed at various geographic regions. The servers then play the playlist for a 24×7 channel playout.

Amagi funding

In January 2015, Amagi raised an undisclosed amount in funding from Premji Invest (the family office of Wipro’s chairman Azim Premji) and from Mayfield Fund. The company had previously raised Rs 30 crore from Mayfield Fund and existing investors, Nadathur Group and Ojas Ventures in July 2013, adding to the Rs 37 crore it raised from Nadathur Group and Ojas Ventures back in 2011.