Ringing Bells has got a case of cheating registered against it at the Noida Police following a complaint by Kirit Somaiya, reports NDTV. The report was filed on the basis that it would not be possible to manufacture a smartphone at Rs 251, and that the company was fooling people. The police mentions that it has asked the company to submit documents for investigation.

Ringing Bells on the other hand defended itself and said it was ready to cooperate with the police. The company went on to assure that it would indeed deliver the product by June 30th this year. The company also mentioned that it would deliver other smartphones at different price ranges as well.

Freedom 251 was first announced in February, with a selling price of Rs 251, and a promised delivery date by June end. The company had started taking pre orders then and had reportedly received as many as 30,000 orders on day one. However, the same month, the company reportedly claimed to pay back the money it generated from the first 30,000 orders. At the time, the company said it would accept cash on delivery only, apparently to “ensure further transparency and clear any misgivings.“

Investigations & criticism: The extremely low price point of the smartphone has attracted some criticism with many news agencies unconvinced that Ringing Bells could create a smartphone at that price point. The company however, justifies that it’s possible to create such a cheap phone with economies of scale and tie ups for default apps that will bring in licensing money.

Note that telecom minister had also said that the government would monitor Ringing Bells and would take action if the company failed to deliver its smartphone. At the time, the I-T department was also looking into the financial structure of the company. Controversies aside, it will be interesting to see if Ringing Bells can actually deliver such an affordable product, which we should know for certain by the 30th of June.