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Yahoo has shut down Yahoo Screen, the YouTube like video hub the company launched over two years ago, reports Variety. The company will now distribute its video properties, based on relevance, over its various digital magazines.

Yahoo will continue producing its original shows like Sin City Saints and Other Space, which are now available in the TV section of the website, with other content being made available with various digital magazines. It is unclear if any employees were laid off post shutdown. Note that there is precedence to this move. In April last year Yahoo expanded its video service Screen with 18 new series of which 14 would be featured in Yahoo’s digital magazines.

This move makes sense for Yahoo, which has been on a downward spiral for a while now. Its video platform was mediocre at best, with most of the videos being uploaded by the company itself. As we had pointed out, the platform did not allow users to follow content uploaders, upload videos or create their own channels. Given this, the platform had hardly any users, and Yahoo’s videos can perhaps find more popularity when displayed with its relevant magazine properties.

Yahoo’s shuttered services: In June, Yahoo shut down its maps service Yahoo Maps, other than shuttering Yahoo Pipes, an online aggregating and web data filter UI which could be used without knowing programming languages (something similar to IFTTT), GeoPlanet, PlaceSpotter APIs and some regional verticals. At the time, Yahoo said that this move was to “help Yahoo focus on its core Yahoo product experiences”.

Last year the company also shuttered support for Yahoo Mail on devices running iOS5 and lower, sync support for Yahoo Contacts on Macs running Mac OS X 10.8 and Yahoo Entertainment in Singapore. Note that a VentureBeat report stated that at the end of 2014, Yahoo had closed over 60 products and services in the last two years to narrow its focus, however an updated number was not provided.

Blocking adblock users: In November, Yahoo resorted to block some users of Yahoo Mail from accessing their email until they turned off their ad blocking software. Yahoo confirmed that it was running a test for product experiences. As of October 2014, Yahoo had 273 million users on its email service.

Other developments:

– In June last year, Yahoo tweaked its search algorithm for mobile browsers to display images, videos, news and other relevant details related to the search up front, instead of just a list of links.

– In September, KeyPoint Technologies entered into a partnership with Yahoo for its contextual search on the discovery platform Xploree. In 2014, Yahoo had signed a five-year strategic partnership with Mozilla to become the default search engine on Mozilla’s Firefox desktop and mobile browsers.

Image Source: Flickr user Scott Schiller