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Alex Roetter, Twitter’s SVP of engineering, Brian Schipper, head of human resources, Katie Stanton, VP of global media and Kevin Weil, SVP of Products, have quit the company, co-founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey informed via a Tweet. Vine head Jason Toff has also quit Twitter and will be joining Google to work on VR.

Chief operating officer Adam Bain will take on additional responsibilities including the revenue related products teams, the media team and the HR team on an interim basis, while chief technology officer Adam Mesinger will take over all of engineering and consumer product, design & research, user services and Fabric into one group.

Roetter joined Twitter in 2010, before which he was the director of engineering at the Laufer Wind Group. He also worked at Google as a software engineer and technical lead and was on the founding team at AdSense. Schipper joined Twitter in 2014, before which he was the head of human resource at Groupon. He also led HR at Cisco and was in senior HR positions at Microsoft, Pepsi, DoubleClick and Compaq Computer.

Stanton joined Twitter in 2010 before which she was a special advisor, Office of Innovation, U.S department of State. She also worked as the director of citizen participation at the White House and at Google as principal of new business development.

Weil joined Twitter in 2009, before which he was the engineering lead of analytics at Cooliris. He also worked as a software engineer at Microsoft and as a physicist at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center.

Other changes at Twitter:

– In October last year, Twitter appointed Jack Dorsey for his second term as the CEO of the company.  He was appointed the interim chief executive after ex-CEO Dick Costolo stepped down from the company in June, after five years in the position.

– In September, Mike Gupta, overseer of Twitter’s venture arm, quit the company.

– In July, Twitter appointed Mahima Kaul to lead its public policy in India. In August, the company appointed Viral Jani as TV Partnerships head in India.

– In June, Twitter’s chief communications officer Gabriel Stricker quit the company, reportedly not on his own accord. The same month, Twitter’s vice president of corporate development and strategy, Rishi Garg quit to “pursue some exciting new projects.”