abheshvermaMobile video-on-demand service nexGTv has hired ex-Saavn Interactive CEO Abhesh Verma as its chief operating officer (COO), reports the Tech Portal. Verma will be responsible for executive decision making and long term strategic planning.

Prior to nexGTv, Verma was the chief growth officer at BrahmaX where he was responsible for growth initiatives, product strategy, brand creation and revenue generation & growth. For 3 years between 2012 and 2014, he served as the chief growth officer of Saavn and was the CEO of Saavn Interactive nearly 6 years. At Saavn, he was responsible for mergers & consolidations, media buying, ad networks, sales, growth, and marketing.

Other than this, Verma was the director of RealtorsIndia and executive director of SEOIndia for over 11 years. He also worked as the chief product officer for IndiaGreetings, chief marketing officer at IndiaInsurance and director of business development at HalfPriceHomeDecor. He has founded various online businesses including MyIndoSpace, Centrum Media, IndiAds and SmasHits.

Platform for content creators: Last month, film director Imtiaz Ali tied up with nexGTv to launch a digital platform called SPOTLight, which allows filmmakers and content creators to post their original short videos from across genres. Ali will judge the 5 most-viewed videos on the app every month, out of which one will win a prize of Rs 1 lakh and the second prize winner will get Rs 25,000 to make their next video. Creators would also be paid per view after crossing 3,000 page views.

In May, nexGTv bagged the exclusive mobile and digital rights to stream the French Open 2015. Tennis fans could stream 128 singles matches and 64 doubles matches on mobile handsets, tablets and PCs for free through the app. Currently, the platform claims to stream over 155 live TV channels as well as movies, videos and TV shows.