While India reported a total of 104 million wireless broadband connections at the end of September 2015, the number of wired broadband connections was remarkably low at 16.13 million, adding around 130,000 wired broadband connections during the month. India classifies broadband as connections with speeds of over 512kbps.


This was a month on month growth of just 0.81%, abysmally low given the low connection base. The base has increased by 3.93% (around 610,000 connections) from six months ago, when it was 15.52 million connections.



– BSNL remains the largest wireline ISP in India, accounting for 9.93 million connections, and 62% of the total. Around 63% of BSNL’s wired phone connection base uses broadband. Over a six month period, BSNL has added around 10,000 connections.
– Airtel is second with 1.58 million, around 10% of the total. Around 45% of Airtel’s wired phone connection base uses broadband. Over a six month period, Airtel has added around 140,000 connections.
– MTNL accounts for 7% of total connections at 1.13 million connections. Around 32% of MTNL’s wired phone connection base uses broadband. MTNL’s connection base has declined by around 10,000 over the past six months.


Among private ISPs which aren’t telecom operators:
– ACT has 0.8 million connections, up accounting for 5% of India’s broadband connections.
– You Broadband has 0.48 million connections, accounting for 3% of India’s broadband connections