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CloudFlare, a content distribution network provider, has added three new data centers in Mumbai, Chennai and New Delhi. The company mentions that it will add another couple of nodes in India soon. Overall this brings the company’s data center count to 68 worldwide of which 38 were launched this year.

The company delivers content hosted outside India by passing the data incrementally closed to end users. This involved routing traffic through Singapore, London and Hong Kong with a latency of 150ms. However, the new centers in India will take care of this load, which the company claims will bring down the latency to under 50ms in the Indian subcontinent.

CloudFlare mentions that its system will also improve the performance of content hosted inside India, including websites and apps of banks, newspapers, ecommerce startups and nonprofits. As of now, the company provides its core services for free, requiring the webmaster to only change the domain’s DNS setting to integrate into the system. It offers paid services with other features like real time reporting and SSL.

Other than CDN services, the company also provides DNS, DNSSEC, security against DDOS attacks etc, SSL and optimization services. It currently claims reddit, Okcupid, oDesk, EuroVision, MIT, Zendesk, Metallica, Ola, Amar Ujala and League of Legends as its customers.

Data centers setup in India:

– Last year, Xiaomi said it would migrate MIUI services and corresponding data for all its International users (including Indian users) from its Beijing data centers to Amazon AWS data centers in Oregon (USA) and Singapore. Going forward, the handset maker also planned to set up local servers in countries like India and Brazil by tying up with local data centers.

– Around the same time, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced that Microsoft would start offering its commercial cloud services, Azure and Office 365 via local data centers in India by the end of 2015.