Directory services company JustDial conducted 349,800 paid campaigns for advertisers for the quarter ending September 30 (Q2-FY16), registering a 18% increase in the number of campaigns, as compared with 296,100 campaigns in the same quarter last year. The company had reported 346,900 paid campaigns in the preceding quarter, a marginal growth of 0.83%. Campaigns are essentially paid featured listings/recommendations on JustDial’s search.

JustDial’s overall listings grew 9% to 15.8 million in the quarter from 14.5 million listings in the same period last year. On a sequential basis, the company reported overall listings growth of 3.26% from 15.3 million.

JustDial reported an employee base of 10,611 employees and currently has 27 search plus services live on the platform. Total unique visitors (across Voice, PC Internet, Mobile Internet) increased by 19% Y-o-Y to 75.9mn in Q2FY16.

Total income increased to Rs 171.27 crore during the quarter growing  16.9% from Rs 147.4 crore in the same quarter last year.

Operational metrics

As per our calculations, JustDial makes about Rs 4,896.23 per campaign, up from Rs 4,861 per campaign last quarter, and down from Rs 4,978 per campaign in the same quarter last year.

The number of paid campaigns per listing decreased quarter-on-quarter at 0.0221 campaigns per listing on JustDial, with an increase in paid campaigns.


– Net profit increased 47.03% year-on-year to Rs 46.3 crore from Rs 31.49 crore.

– Adjusted operating EBITDA was Rs 46.93 crore, up 3% from Rs 45.78 crore last year. Note that during Q2FY15, Just Dial’s reported revenue of Rs 147.40 crore included deferred revenue of Rs 4.27crore and the operating EBITDA is corrected accordingly.

– Operating EBITDA margin was 27%.

Setting up an IT park: Just Dial also informed that it is setting up a 15 acre IT park in Bangalore for which it got an approval from the Karnataka Industrial Area Development Board as well as a lease for the land for a period of 99 years.

Other developments

In September, Just Dial launched the new version of its Search Plus app which integrates 24 services. The revamped app features an updated user interface and features large tiles for each category. The app also features a voice search option to find results on the app. SearchPlus also features a loyalty points section where users can get points for when they get other users to sign up for the service. Users can also get points when they make purchases or appointments via online payments on JustDial.

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