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The Advertising Standards Council of India’s (ASCI) Consumer Complaints Council (CCC) has upheld complaints (pdf) against 74 out of 110 advertisements brought to it in July. These adverts belonged to various categories: 28 in personal healthcare category, 12 in education and 21 in others, it also included some media and digital companies.

Bloomberg TV India’s 3 TV ads claimed that “The market opens with Bloomberg TV India. The No.1 market opening show 9 a.m. – Street Smart Dealing Room. Factual. First. Fastest. Final. Future”, “When it comes to business and markets programming, Bloomberg TV India is the channel of choice” and “The most preferred destination for business and markets content. No. 1. Bloomberg TV India leads with 43% market share in the English Business News genre”. These ads violated BARC principles stating that the period of comparison must cover at least 4 consecutive weeks of data and misled the audience into thinking that a better bargain was offered than is truly the case. Its baseline claim of “First. Fastest” was also found misleading since the claim was not substantiated.

Ebay Inc’s ad of “EBay Guarantee – Don’t Worry, Buy Happy”, “EBay guarantee” and “100% Satisfaction or refund/replacement” was false, unsubstantiated and misleading

Amazon Inc’s Amazon Kindle TV ad was misleading because it did not put a disclaimer qualifying the price of the actual product being promoted.

Asianet Communications’ (Sell me the answer ad) shows a school teacher hitting a student on his palm with a stick. This was likely to result in physical, mental or moral harm to children.

Odisha Television Limited’s claim of “OTV repeat history again. Ahead of not only News but also entertainment channel” was found false as TAM data for weeks 11-14 showed that OTV was at #4 position by average reach and #5 by TVTs. It also showed data from only one week, violating TAM guidelines. Like in the case of Bloomberg India, this data was misleading, suggesting that a better bargain was offered than was truly the case.

Jewelsouk Marketplace’s claim of “The World’s largest Jewellery Marketplace”, was not substantiated.

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Image Credit: Flickr user Dario D.