Twitter added a new discovery feature to its video sharing service Vine that lets users explore songs in the new featured tracks section. This section also displays the song that’s playing on a specific Vine. The company mentions that it will also add a Billboard Social 50 chart which will list most popular music Vines to aid music discovery. The new feature is available on both iOS and Android.

Twitter also updated Vine to let users edit soundtracks along with videos, with the goal of making it easier to create seamlessly looping music-Vines. The new creation feature is currently available only on the updated iOS app. The feature, called ‘Snap to Beat’, automatically selects a part of the song to use to make a seamless loop, and then lets users trim the video to fit the clip. The feature can be turned off, providing users with more control over how much sound to include, which part to play over and to add other effects.

Autoplay on Twitter: In June, Twitter introduced autoplay video feature for native videos, GIFs and Vines on its iOS app. Users could still revert to the previous click-to-play experience or simply have videos autoplay only when connected to WiFi. In case of low bandwidth or high data rates, Twitter would opt users out of the feature and will continue videos as click-to-play.

Whetlab acquisition: The same month, the company acquired machine learning startup Whetlab for an undisclosed amount. Following the acquisition, Twitter would integrate Whetlab’s technology into its own platform while the team members were to join the company.

Summary cards: In July, the company updated its summary cards on mobile (both Android and iOS) to show previews of articles within the tweet. Twitter claims that with this update, users on mobile will be able to see the image, title and summary of the tweet in their timelines and that the format is apparently ‘more attractive’ for consuming information.

Tweets in Google results: In May, Google integrated tweets into its search results on smartphones. This would give Google broader access to tweets every minute, which Google had used to display relevant tweets when users searched for certain trending topics. This feature was running on a trial basis and not live in India at that time. Twitter, had also introduced Highlights a feature which would push rich notifications to its users to catch up on relevant stuff.

Twitter numbers: In July, Twitter reported it had over 316 million monthly active users (MAUs) globally, reflecting a growth of 15 % year-on-year for the quarter ended June 30, marginally up 2.60% from 308 million MAUs, on a quarter-on-quarter basis. The company added that the vast majority of MAUs added in the second quarter on a sequential basis came from SMS Fast Followers. Twitter added 12 million SMS Fast Followers in the quarter, while core MAUs were 304 million.

Image source: Flickr user Esther Vargas